Hooch House

Embrace Your Sinner Hoochie

January 18, 2013

A Toast of the Hooch

Hello Hoochies!
We have just turned our backs on an old year and 2012 is now the apocalyptic past.

Well any who, Hooochie Hoooo! I sure am excited for the magical beings and wandering souls to be encountered on this journey we call 2013.  The Hooch House has successfully planted its roots, and as a sapling we are beginning to grow.

People always ask, “What is the Hooch House?” and for the longest time it was unclear.  Now I can proudly say, “the Hooch House is you!”.  You have been spanked, you have feasted upon the fruits of the Hooch, and you have sung in cosmic orgasm.  You are the House.  That’s all we got, no roof, no floor just all of us huddled together in the forest, or the desert, sharing that wealth of hospitality.  We are creating infinite moments, laying each brick to the Hooch House by pure manifestation.

You see, we, the Hooch House, are a time traveller’s living room.  Hurling through space at around 67,000 MPH, encountering trans-dimensional creatures for fractional moments in the galaxies lifespan: it gets rough.  The Hooch House is a pit stop from all that wild space travel.  We offer a place to meet fellow time travellers, recharge the batteries of space travel and after a childish laugh fly onwards through dimensions yet to be explored.  We love the time traveller: the warrior, the lover, the philosopher, the wild child, the magician, and the fool.   Each character is a tiny galaxy, a valuable archetype in this endless dream.

I have always loved the oak trees that sheltered us from the rain at Lucidity. During those thunderclouds I watched as the oak trees wove themselves into the fabric of the Hooch House.  The Hooch House sat a small node in that tree of life thriving under the watchful presence of generations past.  Now like our strong oak fathers we too strive to stretch upwards and create a great canopy.  We are designing our own reality: providing strength, blooming shelter, and grounding to the source for all the generations who walk in our footsteps.

It is true.  We are beautiful creatures.  Welcome to the new paradigm.

Hoochies… 2013 is rad.


October 24, 2012

Hooch House Lands at Lunacy!

Howdy Hooch Heads!

Right now the Hoochies have landed at Lunacy music and arts festival.  We are busy building our mystical living room deep in the groves of live oak campground.  Looking forward to swinging with all of you under the full moon to the musical stylings of Los Angeles’ own interplanetary beat surgeon’s Oki Dog.  Check out the duo’s music here and join us for our retro funky oldschool hip hop party on friday from 4-7pm.  Oki dog will be providing beats all weekend with lots of exclusive sounds.
Check out our list of hoochie activities below:

The Wheel of Misfortune
The Faces of Hooch
Twice Loved Trading Post
Live Glass Blowing by Hightide SB
Live Painting
Handmade Goods
Awesome Possum Raffle
Fancy Dress Sundaze
Swings, Pillows and more….

As we say “embrace your sinner hoochie”.  See you in the woods!  x

October 18, 2012


Hello Inweb Interloper.

We are the Hoochies and this is our online home.  Click around to learn a bit more about our dream.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Hoochie Whooo!